Thursday, June 4, 2009

May 30 March...

We had a chance to join the May 30 March - "Health Care for All in 2009: Mothers Leading the Way."

It was a wonderful experience... I've been really struggling with the environment of our work. Ongoing demand, stories from patients about their financial stressors, and a sense of doom about the economic outlook for support of the Safety Net in our state. But, in the midst of this, I was amazed by the 6000 people, from many different backgrounds, who joined together to make the statement that we cannot wait any longer to fix the HealthCare Meltdown. It was a great "shot in the arm" for me.

I put a few shots from the day up at my Flickr site. And, I've put some links there for some of the news stories about the March. That includes a nice editorial from Carolyn Hamilton Proctor, a woman with whom it seems I might just get along, where she asks, "Am I alone in my confusion on this issue of quality, affordable healthcare for everyone in America?"